attack on my colleague

Date- 24 march 2006
Place- Bhagalpur, Bihar

This is the story of attack on media, cruelty of a doctor, insensitiveness of administration, careless approach of some senior media persons, courageous steps of our editor and my steps I don't know whether it is right or wrong.


Shashi shankar, the photographer of our newspaper (Hindustan) get the information about an income tax Reid occurring at Jiwandeep nursing home at khanjarpur area. When he reached there he saw some persons are beating the officers of income tax in front of that nursing home. They might be staff or paid gundas of that nursing home. He didn't control himself after seeing that peculiar incident and captured all that in his camera. But when they (gundas) had seen all this they catch Shashi and snatch his camera. After loosing his camera shashi called his city in charge Deepak upadhyay and some other co-worker. Within 5 to 10 minutes deepak reached there with Dilip, Rajeev sidharth, Tarun and Dipak mishra. They all were very excited and angry. But gundas of that doctor were also in mood of aar ya paar. They attacked on them. Some of my colleagues succeeded to save him and flew away, but deepak upadhyay and shashi caught. They beat them very cruelly with rod, danda and patther. Between this incident shashi had called the SP of Bhagalpur and said him about the occurrence. But u would astonish to know that our police reached there after two hours of incident. When many of media persons reached there, they admitted both of injured in hospital. They jammed the road in support of their colleague.


25 march 2006

Though agitation starts from that evening against this brutal act but that was unorganized and self motivated with an agenda, leadership and work plan. On next morning we gathered at ghantaghar chouk of city. Around 100 reporters are reached there at sit in ghantaghar campous to condemn that brutality and fight for their co-worker. They are from Hindustan, Dainik jagran, Aaj, Hindustan times, Times of india, Aaj tak, Sahara samay, Star news, local cable TV channels, Prabhat khabar, some Urdu newspaper, weekly, fortnightly and monthly magazines and some freelancer too. I had overwhelmed to see the crowed in our support. They left their rivalry of circulation in that time. We sited there and planned the agenda of agitation. After some discussion we decided to go near district magistrate in shape of rally. Say him to suspend the doctor, arrest him and his supporters and also punish the faulty policemen. And rally started. We have takhtees made by vinay tarun and some of us were chanting slogans against that doctor and police administration. We reached at kachahari gate. After some time dm reached there and called five of us to talk with him.

Before going to talk with dm, we had planned our strategies. What to do if talk failed, a question arise.
There was lot of confusion. I said to our representative if u will back with one result we will back. And if there is no result we have to sit here in front of collectriate until we get solution. And all us agreed on that stand. But after one and half hour-long talk they returned they have only promises. Dm said them that he will do something within 48 hours. And our representative was in mood to return from there and wait for two days. Suddenly arguments started. Many of us were thinking our representative had not pressurized dm forcefully. Suddenly I had announced, if u all is not ready to sit here on dharna, I would start my personal dharna here from now until we get any result. And I sited there on earth and some of my enthusiastic co-work also sited in my favor.

After this suddenly many of my co-workers were pressurizing me to cancel my agitation. That time I didn't follow their problem. But today it is clear, that time my decision proved all of them wrong. They were not in position to sit with me, so they had only one agenda compale me to leave dharna. But I was confident about my decision and very calm. I said all of them to do me what I have decided. I had cleared that it is not a traditional dharana; it is just waiting for justice. Till any result I have to sit there from 10 to 5 daily. At evening I will be on work in my office. (My office timing is 6 to 2 at night). And I did it. Some of my senior colleague also said about our company policy that they don't like a revolutionary type worker and my decision will harmful for me. But it didn't work.

Murder case

At around 2 pm a bad news spreading between us that a patient of that docter's nursing home died has filed a case against some of us. That was height of every thing. At that time we have nothing in the name of justice and they had hitted us one more time. Though we understand that this case was filed to compaled us for compromise, but at the same time we felt us helpless. Some of us went to court for bringing the abject detail of cases. After returning from there they said that there is two cases against Shashi, Deepak upadhyay, Deepak mishra, Tarun and 15 unknown reporters of Hindustan. First is murder case and 2nd case of robbery.

In my office.

After this incident when i return to work in my office, there was usual excitement. Though some of my senior had declared that, the sole responsibility to ruin the aandoland is goes upon me. It was my jid that destroyed the whole strategies of struggle. But many of us (especially youth) had admired my step. khair these were part of struggle and several times I had faced this. Attempt to describe about my office is not about these clarification. Here I am telling u about real struggle of journalist. From first day my editor had allotted top box of 8 columns on page 1 for this incident. And till doctor has suspended and warrant issued against his he wrote his column PRASANGWASH daily. In his column he wrote about insincerity of police & administration, about dangerous life of a reporter and careless approach of govt against us. Appeal to cm, mp, mla, ima and other social group for giving support to us. About cruelty of that doctor who had distorted the dead body of an old man for using him like a weapon. And though we have struggled from road to chamber of govt officials. But according to my opinion the whole & sole credit of wining this struggle goes to firing pen of that man. And it is not chamachgiri.
Here I also want to say few words about weekly supplement Pratibimb preparation of which is my duty. On 30th march issue of pratibimb we had prepared page one on the issue of Abhivyakti Ke Khatre. Our reguler contributer Dr. yogendra wrote Main article of this issue. Who had written the whole incident and in sensitive approach of govt, doctor and buddhijiwi of our town. He concluded his article with the line of muktibodh, Abhivakti Ke Khatare to uthane hi honge. My colleague ashok sharma described the danger of our life. vishal wrote about the feeling of learned peoples of our town. And I in my article Satyam-Apriyam written about the tendency of govt, politician, administration and other responsible persons that they can't bear one truth but always trying to persuade us to published thousand of false news in favor of them.
Something about reporter of banka manoj upadhyay also. Dr. nk yadav had posted in banka district. After this incident he went there and wants to make his attendance of 24th April. That attendance could save his life and we might prove work. But after listen about this case manoj had flawed his co-worker at this hospital. His co-worker has described everything to the resident of that village where he had posted. Fortunately villagers are also annoyed upon him due to his regular absentee. They didn't sleep whole night and when doctor had come they didn't let him enter in the hospital. Manoj had also sent some interesting stories about doctor and that hospital.
From our entire center of kosi, santhal and purv bihar we get overwhelming support from reporter and local organization too.
Support of local organization was also tremendous. About 150 latter of support had come to office that day, through various organization of Bhagalpur.

Third day. What to do?

26 march, 2006

After rising on third day confusion had captured me that did I go there at sit on dharana or give up everything, because these are not much serious, it may be my personal ego. But soon I recovered from this situation. An interesting idea prevents me (as usual). I decided I must go there, sit on dharna(because i had decided this and I should follow my one words) but in different manner. Keep a cartoon, call vishal who had given a word to me that he is always with me and went on kachahari. On the way we purchased color paper, blade, cello tape, marker, cardboard, blank paper and some pen. Covered the cartoon with color paper and give it the shape of ballet box. Written on card board-
hamara sath dein.
patrakaron par hamle ke khilaf mukhyamantri ke naam patra likhen
aur is box main dalen.
(Support us. write a letter to cm against attack on journalist and drop in this box)
And we sitted on the varandah of bajaranjwaki mandir before kachahari gate. And usually this idea also clicks and we grab public support and attention too. Though peoples are coming very slowly due to Sunday but every one who is passing through that way had seen our board and must think about our topic.
Soon some of my colleague reached there and sit with us. And after that it takes the shape of rituals.
But everything is not so easy. Someone had described it with lot of mirchi to my editor. He rings me and says what I am doing is not fair, and I have to give support to press clubs struggle. I said him; I don't about the struggle of press club's struggle. Are they struggling for us? They are engage in just talks and soft politics. I am afraid how can they get a positive result. Though my editor convinced with me but said support them what they want to do. And he was right strategically.
On afternoon, press club called a meeting on this issue at nihar hotel. As vishal describe that move of press club was due to our pressure. And he proved right, though that meeting started with the agenda of attack on reporters but soon concentrated on our move and style of struggle.
That was our success. About 80 present of participator had agreed on hard action and strong move. They refused the policy of soft conversation and compale the leader of press club for strong agitation. They also supported my idea and said me to continue this.
Day end at five pm. we return with plan that tomorrow we have to sit on dharana with full straight. That was decided in our meeting.

Day four- dharana and some success

27 march 2006

When we reached at dharna(at the same place where we sited last day at bajarangwali mandir) there a tent was skiing. About on hundred journalist and other persons gathered there. They ware sitting on dari with a banner of protest. I also sit with them put my box in front of dharana and after some time dharana was officially start. And soon we get some positive result. Dm reached there and said that the doctor was suspended and post mortem reported of that old man which was so called murdered by our colleague resulted in natural death. And a warrant against that doctor had issue and he will arrest soon.
But that didn't occurred due to positive approach of dm. soon we get information from bihar vidhan sabha where mla of sonversa kishor kumar munna had raised this incident and cm said- chief secretary is supervising this case and if local administration failed to give justice a capable officer will sent there. That was real work force behind local administrations fast steps.

But this is not end.

Doctor suspended. Warrant issued but flewed and arresting was not occurred. Post mortem was in favor of us but case was not raised. And after that game of pressure stated. And by this we realized the real guts of that doctor. Soon every powerful person of town was start persuading us to raise the case against him and make compromise. shashi, deepak and other victim were getting threat through gang leaders of our town. Some of them get worried and start compaling our editor to made compromise. Our editor too gets pressure but that man shows guts, and wrote everything in our paper. 3rd April was decided for big rally of all the journalist of koshi, santhal and purv bihar region. Till that day ima representative, deputy mayor and politician were coming to our office regularly. But stand of our editor was clear. Doctor is faulty let him withdraw case first, after that we will decide what we have to do. And that determination gave us straight to stand.

3rd April: rally

About 300 journalist of koshi, purv bihar and sathal(20 districts) gathered at Bhagalpur station with their banner. Rally started with enthusiasm. Last evening opponent party had ready to withdraw case and a copy of his BAYAN sent by us for him. We were crying slogan in cheering mood. After all we had won half of the battle. We reached at commissioner gave him our memorandum (prepared by me) and return beck.

Success: day after

On 4th morning we get happiest result of that incident. Doctor surrendered.

But there is some bad situation too. He admitted in icu and his supporter is coming on road describing us villain of whole incident. Let it after all we won. Now we retain the guts to write truth against any one. But my editor is not satisfied from this. He is inquiring about the doctor who declared the faulty doctor ill.


Hi Pushya,

Welcome to blogging world !

Well written description. I am surprised as well as satisfied that you are still a risk taker for the power of expression and rights of human, as we used to do in Navodaya.

I condemn the atrocities of such social elements.

Wish your mission of fair journalism will succeed, that too at a place like Bhagalpur.

Keep it up.

Prem Piyush.
Anonymous said…
Dear Pushya bhaiya,
Its ur shear willingness to fight against all the odds. I would also like to say thanks to your editor.If we might can get few bosses like him we might can save this so called fourth piller.