Being in the world of Ivan Turgenev

If u have never experienced love till now u should read turgenev at least to know what is love and how could any one feel being in love. This second hand experience will give u opportunity to talk on love.

If u have already experienced it u must read turgenev. By this u could recall ur days and feel what u have done in those days is not a matter of shame. Even heroes of the world had done some idiot type activities in love.

And if u think u are the expert of love then it is essential for u to read turgenev. This will give new horizon of love, lovers and losers.

But beware, if ur in love u shouldn't read his fictions. Because almost every story of turgenev ends with tragedy. And that may harm ur soft feelings.

Ultimately I have to say, for me turgenev is best writer of love stories. Though he had wrote a novel like fathers and sons based on nihilism and ideological conflict between father and son. On the eve, where he established that feeling of self devotion is superior then affection. Theme of Rudin is to depict a man of pseudo intellect. But plot of all his stories and novels are based on love. Specially his three short novels First love, Asya and Torrents of spring may counted among best love stories of the world.


When ever we are talking about best writer of world, we recalls Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor dostoyevasky, Anton chekhow, Albert kamoo, Gue the mopassa, Gabriela gorsier marques, Gate, Lu shun, Alexandra pushkin, Nicholayee gogol, Howard fast, Apton Sinclair, Frange Kafka and so on. We never counted turgenev among them. Actually Turnenev has not counted in even best writer of Russia in the crowed of Tolstoy, dostoyevasky, gogol, chekhow, pushkin, Gorky. He had always over shadowed by these names like rahul dravid of Indian team. But who has read couldn't forget his psychological depiction of plutonic love. Same as sharatchandra of bangle literature. Major difference of turgenev and his contemporary writer is where they said about what should be, he was always trying to say what is. That makes the whole difference.


For me this novel should counted best work of turgenev. Story of three young man (a careless artist, an intellectual and a freedom fighter) and one woman. All three men love that lady but she choose the freedom fighter who has given his life to free his mother land. She followed him and his path after his death. Feeling of self devotion in that woman touches the heart of reader. Though this may be hundred times repeated story for today, but when turgenev wrote this it would a new concept and beauty of this novel is not in storyline but style of depiction of Ivan sagreaye turgenev. Tussle of characters, their heart throwing emotion, different psychology of different characters and the way by which he had proved who is on the top is marvelous. It is not one time reading novel. I would like to read this every year.

Three love stories of his own life.


U can get these three story in single book by the name of First love. These are actually short novels of about hundred pages. All three stories are based on the life of ivan turgenev as he had written in his biography, These are peaces of my broken heart.

Asya is story of a girl who was daughter of novel man and a lady of servant class. There the novel man (man of upper class family) was Ivan turgenev himself, He was always trying to save asya from inferiority complexes of her birth. For this he let her apart from Russia. Same as in story asya was in Germany with his brother and fall in love with a man of Dhulmul character. When she proposed him, he had started teaching her about cruelty of world, though he was also in love with asya. After that asya refuse to meet him and left the country. Pasteurization of a girl with abnormality due to her birth and her willpower to refuse a man like that makes her an unforgettable character.

First love is story of a teen boy, his father and a glamorous young lady. This is a love triangle in which a boy infatuated with that lady but that lady is kept in love of his father. For that boy this was first experience of love, its magic and its cruelty. We could see the effect of these (magic & cruelty) on the soft body and soul of this boy. In Infatuation of first love he tries to give his life (he jumped from a very high wall) at the same time he also planned to kill the man who might be actual lover of that girl with a knife. He tries to hurt that girl but unable to do this but in front of her he admit to do every thing what she wants. When he knew the actual lover of that girl is his father he found him helpless. In this real story turgenev is that boy as he admitted.

Last and best among them is torrent of love. Love story of an unknown Italian confectionary owner sweet girl and a traveler Russian young man. Their love begins suddenly and in its flow that girl broke her engagement, but when everything settled the man leave him for an attractive lady who does even care him. The cruelty of sexual attraction becomes tragedy of love, though both were helpless and unable to do anything.

Rudin, Fathers and sons, A nest of novels are also readable novels.