Howard Fast - the angry man of world literature.

Today I have completed his novel American (1946), about those American who hasn't born in America. Hitting words, paragraphs concentrated with lots of anger and hatred, few heroes of enormous fighting spirit, their courage, their power of rejection, their single enemy money which is ruling over those week human beings which are called center of power in our days, their mass appeal.... they are almost same as in Spartacus, in My glorious brother and one other novel I couldn't recall it's name that is based on two revolutionaries of America had hanged without any genuine cause, only for satisfying the ego of American republic that they are right.

American as I mentioned is about those American citizen who hasn't born in American and treated like second class citizen. Central character of this novel is Ault geld a politician of America who wants to change the hippocracy of American democracy with the democratic tools but failed. Ault geld is a real character and was governor of an American province, though by born he was German. He had seen the character of American democratic power who had hanged four innocent union leader, because they were became harmful for their anti labor policies. Three union leader had still in jail, so he decided to grant mercy to them and in his mercy letter he declared them innocent and blamed some judges for biased judgment. This act of Ault geld create tempest among some very powerful men of America, there was some judges, factory owner, big politician and some power broker. They all stand against him and started digging his rout. But apart from his honesty he is not a kachcha khiladi of politics. As polish poet wissaw simborska's opinion a man with honesty and power. He had decided to fight against their hippocracy and produce the idea of using silver as new currency to solve the crisis of economic depression. His idea became very popular among labor of America and soon he was their hero. He worked harder and challenged the supreme power of country. He compaled his party to fight election on this issue. After seeing his popularity all industrialist joined together and used every thing to stop him. They threatened their labor by saying they will close their factory if Ault geld win, bankers were threatening them by sending summon to return all their loans, they were purchasing the vote by money and wine and Ault geld lost his fight. Novel is completed by the seen of his last journey, in which hundreds of thousand American was standing in winter rain fall to see the face of his leader at last. The whole description is showing the naked dance of money and power, their dirty games. Their argument which they were using to prove them right only shows their weakness of character. There is some socialist and anarchist whose media depict as rakshas, though they were very loving, humble and daring too. Even Ault geld was declared anarchist. Most important things of this novel I got is about the concept of freedom. Is freedom means the freedom of purchase, use and enjoy. How freedom of refusal of a person became harmful for power of money. Below the umbrella of money is there any possibility to grow the right to freedom. Money could makes powerful even a criminal, selfish, liar and dishonest man and he could purchase the power by his money. Even chair of president of America would purchased and freedom of common peoples hide below the cushion of chair of president. we are too living in such democracy.

Howard fast would given full marks for this novel. The way by which he has shown us the ugly face of democracy. In my view he is real angry man of world literature. His anger against wrong system flows in the heart of his reader. All communist and socialist has using his books as text book (particularly), though in letter days he left the communist party, like all sensitive writers. Though his fighting against wrong continued with same intensity. I think he wanted to prove fighting for worst is not bapauti of communist or socialist like his hero Ault geld.

Here I want to write few lines about his best creation Spartcus. It's about a slave living in roam. He was a gladiator and Romans were fond of gladiator fight. This was a different type of fight which ends only by the killing of one of fighter. U could think how killing of black gave enjoyment to Romans. At that time slaves were not treated like human they were an animal for them for their agricultural and domestic support. Even being naked in front of a slave women couldn't think bad. Beating and killing them was not counted among crime. They were private property of their owner. In this situation a slave gladiator spartacus started fighting for their freedom and soon it spread among whole slave community. Though their struggle failed and about 4000 slaves were hanged on crusader on a highway. Spartacus was also killed and their revolution almost failed, but story didn't end. Two man a politician and a warrior of rom were felt in love with wife of spartacus. Both of them were fight against spartacus and given credit to stop the revolution. But his wife the slave lady declared being a slave they could use her body but couldn't compale her to love with anyone. She could love with a single man in world that was spartacus and after his killing her capacity to love someone is also buried. Both of them were ready to spent their whole money for getting her affection but couldn't succeed. One of them were killed and another free her and made suicide. Best line of this novel I want to share with u is Living is the sole purpose of a slave, though living in any condition.