Hunger & Death & Collector sahib

Sorry. I am not in mood to talk sensibly after seeing the approach of a collector, who was among most intelligent man of our country. sometime I have said to some one - wisdom without sensitivity is more dangerous. Today I want to say it is most dangerous thing in the world. He (collector sahib) has wisdom and some good logics and many intelligent tricks and unlimited power. And today he has proved that I was right. He has proved about those four poor, one woman & its innocent three children hasn't made suicide due to hunger, his doctor get some grains in their belly. He has a paper in which he has taken thumb impression of the husband of that lady and signature of her elder son of nine years who has saved. In this paper there is written about the cause of death of that woman that she commited suicide due to reguler quarell between she and her husband. That angootha chhap man doesn't know what he did. Now he will proved accuse of compaling his wife to make suicide. He has to face the caseof attampt to murder. That is the brain. Say three chears for it.

Behind the screen of his magic there is a woman and her family whoes are hungry from last four day and that was there reguler practise. supreme court has declare in his decision that if any one died from hunger, govt will responsible for his killing. But they (collectors) have proved it in telangana, in kalahandi and now proving at Govindpur, Bhagalpur that if there is brain and power no one can touch his coller. sorry for every thing. i am not in good mood.