In love with my home.

This all has started in probably may 2003 when I was at home and my mother had told me that they (my parents) are planning for my marriage. Though till now she is not succeeded in her plan, but that sentences broke my relation with my awargi. Before this I was in love with my awargi at Bhopal, Job is waste of time and energy for me, and money is also like unwanted weight on my pocket. At Bhopal I am with manish, trying to established a firm Sanwari (sathi in chhatisgarhi), for developmental communication support and working like a Halwaayi. when any ngo has any work for us they call us and we go and work for them. Rest of time is for drama, bahas, seminars, journey, masti, party, revolution and so on. And when I listen that sentence from my mother (she is serious and she has genuine region for this and I am unable to cross this) I had lost my sense completely and awaken whole night by thinking, aakhir ho hi gaya yeh. lekin ab kaam kaise chalega. After that when I reached at Bhopal talk with Manish left him there without thinking how he can manage all without me. fold my bedding and say by-by to Bhopal reached at Delhi and started job in a magazine. And start trying to forget the lines of akbar ilahabadi.
Ai mere ahbab kya kare numaya kargaye.
BA huye, nauker huye, pension mili aur mar gaye.
And I become servant. And by this affair with my home is started. I was forgetting my friends and start calling at home by twice in a week. Marriage of my sister became core issue. And I am taking leave for that purpose in search of a dulha. I toured in around whole koshi area and in many villages. In just few days I became expert marriage negotiator and even my relatives were appreciating about it. In between I joined amarujala at chandigarh and spent whole year 2004 there Manish had also there with me. Meanwhile keeda of old habit arouse many times and Manish left amarujala for starting a ngo in his own district Saharsa and I with bahana of my sisters marriage too left chandigarh and reached Bhagalpur.
Is tarah main apne mahboob ke aur kareeb aa gaya. Since January 2005 I have spent almost 100 days in my home. By the name of sisters marriage, one time illness and this and that and many more. Now my home is like bhoot bangla, because after marriage sister has gone Delhi. There is only maa and papa and their insecurity for me. In this period I got some job offers with handsome salary bur neither I nor my parents are interested for this. That means i am fully in capture of my beloved's magic. There is my family with lots of chacha, chachi, bhayee, bhabhi, bahan, bhateeja, bhateeji, their gapp, lafter and love. some times i am thinking i should left this job too and start a school at my village. That may happen some day.