kj rao

May this name will unknown for non-biharis, but if u ask any bihari about this name, he will start like tape record any tell at least half an hour about him. For many of them he is super hero and for some he is villain. I am too among them. And for me he is undoubtedly hero. Not for what he had done for bihar, his style of working has also impressed me. Though, he is working like superman and looks media friendly too. But I couldn't find any hidden interest in his working. (I got opportunity to meet & talk with him thrice.)

Now some basic information about him, because for them who didn't know about him this will intolerable. During Bihar legislative assembly election feb.2005 KJ Rao (once in my newspaper information about his full name was published, but I can't able to remember this. waise bhi naam main kya rakha hai.) has appointed the adviser of chief election commissioner for supervising Bihar election. Before this he has experience of being adviser in Jammu Kashmir election and he was sent America for the presidential election of US, in which dubya bush has selected. He was full of experience though bihar was Bihar, here all experience of TN sheshan proved wrong and Jinn of votes has always changed the mandate. Present chief election commissioner BB Tandan has hooted by laloo, the so called mashiha of bihari pichhada. A man who has learnt to laugh at every serious matter as tactics of being in power and even in news. Though it shouldn't mentioned here for maintain impartiality. But this was an established truth at that time, by doing every exercise election commission can't change anything, Jinn of laloo has to work and laloo too has announced that this is not election, this is just renewal of rabari regime. Interestingly that was the time when I returned to my native state Bihar after 6 and half year of migration for study and job. There isn't any hope and all that was in air was just frustration of being a citizen who couldn't change an unwanted regime. Laloo has won with majority in last mp election with the help of ramvilas paswaan's lok jan shaktiparti and congress (I). It was better option for us to support laloo by the name of communal harmony and socialism. We are in option less and some how guiltless state and used to facing comments from outsider that Bihar is this, Bihar is that. But during my first month at Hindustan bhagalpur, I listen the words voterlist verification, voter id for all, transfer of many ias and ips and laloo has caught red handed by circulated money between voters. In these thing there is essence of honesty somewhere that caught in our eyes. Continued....