Reservation is not insult.

When debate upon reservation in iim and iit has started I don't care this. Because this issue is not of our interest. In my view only few hundred meritorious and economically wealthy student may effected from this. But when I have read a blog of my friend and her way of expression I can't control me to comment on it. After mandal commission's violent movement and new wave of thinking which is coming through globalization I used to think now we the youth of India becomes more open minded, flexible and liberal. But I proved wrong, not only from this blog but some comments of another youths upon this write-up. After that I got a mail of online petition form from some organization who wants to stop this decision. They all wants to declare that reservation is insult and tries to demoralize them (reservation seeker) and call them to fight for their right without reservation's support. This old argument is might sound wonderful, but actually furious too. By this any one could prove better argumentative but after deep observation u can find this is not for solution. Therefore I compelled to write this.
Before writing how reservation is not treated as insult, I would like to prove not only those caste has getting the benefit of reservation u, we and other are/were also getting some other types of reservation. A student of iit, iim other engeeniering or medical collage has got the benefit to read a unique type of study on governments fund. Why alone they should get these benefits why didn't a labor working in my field, because they have proved they are merit to be read there. Does u think being meritorious is enough right to study one the cost of country. Hasn't that labor's right upon that fund which used for ur study. U can say this labor hasn't paid taxes, but a man who is paying heavy tax he too doesn't claim to study in these institution unless he hasn't qualified the entrance test. Therefore in this case meritorious persons have the reservation to read in premier institute of our country on the expense of our government or in other words money of all Indians, though we doesn't compel him or her to work for us in subsidized salary, even they are free to work for other countries and free to change their citizenship too (after this they shell free from our taxation too). Isn't it a different type of reservation? Now some other examples- we are using cooking gas and railway journey on subsidies rate. Isn't that also another type of reservation? Doctors are getting premier lands on subsidies rate from government on the name of trust and social work and what they are doing there is not hidden. Even my newspaper has got lands in many cities almost free on the name of social awareness and used to say journalism is not charity work it is a business, we have to sale news. Therefore we haven't right to say them that reservation is insult. If we all has not insulted upon this then why those socially challenged caste.

In this world there is single law, survival of the fittest. Though many of us who needs and cries for reservation, because they are not fit to fight with general mass. Sc-St, backward caste & Physically challenged persons cries for reservation in study, jobs and beneficial plans for government, because they are not capable to face competition with general mass for jobs and studies where seats are limited. They are not even capable to argue the govt to give reservation to them. There are intellectuals and politicians who have always presented the idea of reservation for them. If u wants to argue with them, they couldn't able to say any thing in their favor. And we the traditional intellectual and tradition elite always succeed to prove them and the idea of reservation wrong. Though intention of arjun singh behind this is not hidden, he is that man who always trying to create controversy. But this doesn't means his idea of reservation should hooted by we so called intellectuals like this. He has just proposed the plan to sit some of underprivileged casts student with them, for this he is agree to raise the number of seats. But we have problem to sit and read with student of less merit. He or she may destroy the environment of our classroom or prestige of our institution.
Now, I would like to say something about the term socially challenged, because they demand equal competition. Have u ever seen a race where male and female running in same track or a physically challenged person running with normal? U should treat all sc-st like this. Those are the plant which nourished in shadow of our atrocity, they are underdeveloped. So we have to give some privilege to develop them. Just like u have seen the plant of pumpkin, that is always supported by something to rise. Cast level atrocity is our historical fault, though we didn't deliberately to harm them. Our intention was not wrong, but we get totally negative result. Therefore it is our duty to correct this fault seriously. Just like if one of our brother or sister left underdeveloped we tries to care him/her a lot. We don't apply there the term equal competition. Equally we (the male) should treat with females too, because they were also the result of our historical fault. In our history we had categoriser casts and sex and drew lakshman rekhas for them, then how could we say they have to run with us equally? If they forget how to run, this is not their fault.

Even creamy layer of these caste have right to use reservation, because a man of below poverty line of upper caste have better opportunity then them. Because they are genetically fertile. They have tradition of success. They have much more links of their relatives. That is the reason that we have seen many examples of success from poorest family of upper class. Like son/daughter of an agricultural labor become ias and ips. And, here it should clear that ultimately we are not giving reservation for equal opportunity. Concept behind caste-based reservation is to support them who are historically challenged. I am fully against reservation of poor. Class is not serious matter in India. Here is opportunity for every-one to cross class barrier and we have seen many examples, like Ambani, Subrat Roy of Sahara and many more. But crossing caste barrier is almost impossible for about 90% of Indians. I have seen them, they doesn't dare to sit with us on chair. We can easily compel them to it our joothan. Some of my villagers are laughing on them, that they are using fullpant, shirt and belt after returning from panjab (where they are migrating seasonally). Even I have listen from my colleagues not only in Bihar, but from mp, Delhi, AP, Gujarat, Punjab, up too murmuring about how they are trying to be smart. Even I had seen in a village of AP Dist rangareddy (which is not so far from hyderabad) people from lower caste always touching the feet of upper caste, even they are small children. If one of them becomes ias how could he change his mantle status in just one break. For this they have to live in this circumstance for generation.