shahar dar shahar- Delhi

Jisme laakhon baras ki hooren hoon, aisi jannat ka kya kare koi.- mirja galib

For me Delhi is an old ages glamour queen, with heavy makeup on her face but wrinkles looking very clear. Many of us goes there with lots of enthusiasm and when faces its reality return back very soon saying that this town is not of my type. I am also among them. Was there in two intervals. First in 1995-96 for preparing of engineering entrance exam, spent whole year in reading novels of baheriyawala thalla library near inderpuri. And in second term (may2003- dec 2003) was working in a magazine Lokayat. Residing in noida and eastern Delhi. Around two years of time what i have observed about delhi, i tries to write in three chapters- bus route, 3d and metro's food.

Bus route

If u r from middle class and decieded to live in delhi, be prepared to spent one sixth of ur life in bus route of delhi. If u are office goer and ur office is around 10 km from ur house, u will have to spent approx 2 hour in morning and 2 in evening on bus.