Starting of music in bollywood

Though some intellectual think, nach-gana in bollwood films makes it non-serious. But a common Indian viewer can't imagine a bollywood film without song and dance. Super hit director karan johar says confidently, why we follow the trand of Hollywood. Song and dance is in our culture. From Sanskrit natak to Parsi theater, there is a tradition of song and dance. Here is some facts abot how songs are started in bollywood.

First talking film ALAM ARA is also our first musical.
First singer of bollywood was WM khan (wajeer muhammad khan) in Alam ara, and first song is 'de de khuda ke naam.'
First female singer of bollywood was Miss jubaida. Her first song was 'Badala dilwayega' from Alam ara.
First music directors (also from alam ara) were firojshah mistry and B irani. Hence the tradition of music director couple was also started from alam ara.
Record of Alam ara and around 44 films released between '31 to '34 is not available. The first available record of bollywood was of chandidas. Songs of femous KL sehgal was in this record.
In 1982 Miss jubaida has sing two lines of his first song of Alam ara during a program. That was available.
Due to popularity of talking and singing cinema Dramma companies of India was totally collepsed. Father of grate lata mangesker, dinanath mangesker was also victim of singing & talking cinema. And now his daughter lata is rulling on singing & talking bollywood.

Courtsy- Rajkumar keshwani. Kathachitra, March 2003.