And he is eating roti with salt & water.

govindpur again

For local government of bhagalpur there is nothing behind the story of hunger & death. For them our newspaper is deliberately creating hungama.
kiran devi suicieded with her three child due to regular quarrel with his husband and she possessed bad character. And that story ends and what about mattu das, who died last day. collector saheb didn't need to say any thing on this issue. Some of our reporter went to govindpur and return beck some horrible story. There is a man brihaspati das, who has lost his both legs because he hasn't money for treatment and now he with his mentally disturbed wife and two daughter are living with almost no income. There is butel das who used to eat roti with salt-water. What about rojgar guaranty scheme, antyoday and annpoorna yojana and other beneficiary scheme. And what about that judgment of supreme court, in which he said- if there is a death from hunger, district government will responsible for this. Then who will responsible for govindpur.