Burden of cruelty : Ek Chithara Sukh

Like many other things books has also there on time and situation, if that suits to reader its magic works. That is the reason I had left some books I first sitting and declared them boring. But after months and years when I took them it impress me. And that impression lasts long. With me this happen many times. For me Aag ka dariya was unrealistic drama, shekhar ek jeewani was story of self pity and jhootha sach a traditional story and I left all of them by reading 20 or 30 pages and when time rips for them and I read them they fascinate me totally.

Story of Ek chithara sukh (by Nirmal Verma) is something different. Just before 5 year I read this book till last page and it impress me a little. I had declared it an average book of Niramal Verma among my friends and the romantic We Din was my favorite. Now a days I am reading Ek chithara... again and feeling its actual magic. I could feel the helplessness of bitti when she asks to his cousin, 'agar main beemar hoon to?' (to rukoge na... ), bitterness of that girl (sister of darry),'we sirf apne aap ko dhokha dete hain'. I could feel the situation of darry who had worked in bihar for equality in his young days, everyone tries to recognize him through this label; but he wants to left his identity associated with young days. Bitti who has left his home and came to Delhi to do something and feels she had done nothing. A girl era who has left England and came India for her love nitti bhai and nitti bhai is married man with children. Bitti loves darry and for darry theater is single thing which he loves. All of them are helpless and loaded with burden of cruelty. They are engage in a drama and they meet with each other in its rehearsal. They love each other and harm too with the cruelty of their own failure. And munnu, the narrator watch them with a distance, who is cousin of bitti and living with her. He is seriously ill.

Though name of this novel is ek chithara sukh but it is about dukh. Here niramal verma wants to read the face of sorrow, as sister of darry says to munnu have u ever seen the face of dukh, when I see the face of ur cousin bitti I think this is actual face of dukh. After reading this novel ranking of nirmal verma rose in my view. Now I like to count him among dostoevasky, chekhov, kamoo and markhej. He was chekhov of our time. I want to read him again and again.