Doctors in road politics

It is astonishing fact that concept of mandal 1 was opposed by general mass of forward class, while concept of mandal 2 has opposed by ex. student of premier institute, those wouldn't get effected through this decision. Is it a normal kind of protest or purposely backed by some one to draw attention? Why a common young of general class is not on the road against this decision, whoes future is effected most through this decision.
And doctors are acting like sadak chhaap political workers. They don't know how to struggle, even they don't know what is good cause for struggle. Struggling for self interest is not struggling for right. U have words and u know how to argu. There is media which represent ur feelings (gave u much more space then pro reservation activists ). U could express ur feeling through dharna, anshan and pradarshan. Then why u r opting the way of hungamebaaji. By this u r only helping the motive of Arjun singh, who is always trying to mislead the mass. That couldn't expected from learned doctors (they became toy of arjun singh). If doctors r serious about international proposition of our country (as to be said ), at first they have to stop fighting on road. Actually they are being used by Arjun Singh and his team for their political purpose. This is not a movement which took place from mass. If u asked them why they are doing like this, they couldn't explain. Even they haven't any agenda, they have only logics, which they get through media. May be this is prestige issue for them. But this not the movement based on the question of their life and death. Institution of public sector is not our future, free market policy will find their way itself. If iim and iit will fail to give right kind of human resource some other institute would take place to fill the scarcity. If ur fighting for better India then this is totally confused movement and if u got charm through these activity then this will good picnic for u. Because as I think here arjun singh is the man who is fighting for both side. Through his announcement he wants to capture the attention of backward caste, try to irritate opposition and secured his place in government. And through anti-reservation movement he could show the world that though being a good heart, he is unable to implement his idea. We have seen mandal 1 and learned reservation couldn't able to stop merit. At present we have more meritorious person on top then at 1995. Reservation is that type of agenda which became stronger by every opposition, opposition is that sanjiwani by which reservation is alive after such a long period.
Though I am in fever of reservation. Because reservation is for social justice not for economical and any other type of inequality. What type of injustice had done by forward caste upon sc/st/obc and women, They have to pay for this. If government is giving them opportunity and other benefit that is only saving us from forward-backward conflict. If we don't give them these opportunity then we have to ready for conflict.


Anonymous said…
Hi Pushya....I do not agree with your opinions of favoring reservation. What you have stated that "the injustice the forward caste have done to the lower caste people....they should suffer for it", but don't you see that this is one of the policies that since decades has found its place in our history...DIVIDE and RULE! Pre ' were the English...and now we are looted by our own politicians, its very sad indeed! And amidst all this what are we doing to narrow down the bridges of differences that our politicians have brought into, probably nothing!
Why give reservations in the educational institutes..better if you want a social justice to be done, do it in the right way...take a step that could really drain poverty out from India, so that no differences remain! Giving reservations only doesn't suffice to the source of the root level problems! As itself in your article about Govindpur...what could have been the role of reservation amidst all this crisis that people are facing there?

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Old friend of yours! :)