Once again Govindpur

On 28th April I have written a post about suicide of a women and her three children of govindpur Bhagalpur. In that case our collector has declares that a case of family dispute and our doctors have proved she has some food grain in her belly. At that time I have written a story in my newspaper that may collector saves him by using his intelligent brain, but what could he do when there will another similar case took place. Because condition of govindpur is not normal, villagers are facing extreme degree of poverty. Many of them are use to sleeping for weeks with hunger. And I have to with deep sorrow that I have proved right one more person died last night due to hunger and there is a natural death. That means even after lots of 'hangaman' government has not taken any initiative for this. Here I want to recall the line of mark tulle.
Government is not solution of any problem, it is a problem itself.