Shamshan Main Killol

(Laughter at funeral point)

Date- 28-29 April 2006
Time- 11 pm to 3 am

A mini bus reached at Manihari ghat (a famous funeral point of our region.) with one tata sumo and one bolero. A dead body was on the top of mini bus and three young man were also upon the top of bus. One of them was pushyamitra which is writing about this. That dead body was of his own paternal grand mother. We have reach there after 98 km long and tough journey. For me it was additional of around 100 km (distance between Bhagalpur and my village dhamdaha). A sad news, haphazard planning, lots of labor and ceremony of funeral and a dip at ganga in night. In general condition, anyone of us hasn't opt that. But we had to do all this and we were mentally prepared for that. But...

I have nothing to say about either my grand mother of her funeral process. Because there is nothing special in it for u. But, something I felt very special at that night. During whole funeral process all of us was in very jolly mood. Chatting, making jokes, teasing to someone, giggling and enjoying whole process. And we haven't any guilt for doing this where everyone expected to be serious and silent. Not even any old person had restricted us by doing this. I don't know but I felt we were not wrong.

Though, At that time this was not in my mind but it is very remarkable comment of famous writer nirmal verma upon death. Death is nothing but a process of unoccuping himself, by this any of ur relative wouldn't feel any sorrow by putting you on chita. Being 93 years old had she participated in this process or everything happens with her automatically I don't know. But anyone of us was not in deep sorrow for her.

Most important happenings of that night was the fearlessness among us. on that black night there was not a single man (even Dom) at that unknown ghat. we putted our feats several times on bones and residue of another dead body. we have also a dead body with us. But we have never thought about fear. Even after funeral when we had taken bath in that unknown river at 2 am. Where had gone that very familiar fear. And after that we had taken dinner at a hotel around one km from river bank after arousing hotel owner. And we said him that we were interested to cut his hand and take it to our village, because u have prepared a good meal. Actually he had prepared worst kind of food. I have proud on my villagers, because they have guts to share jokes with even ghosts.