Ghajal (new meaning for me)

Ghajal is always representing romantic feeling in its reader & listeners. Ghalib had said marvelous lines which has power to create Strom in the hearts. But after reading novel of Dr. Jilani bano, EVAN-E-GHAJAL my perception changed totally.

'What is Ghajal?'
conversation between lovers?'
'But we haven't listen any ghajal read by mashooque for his ashique. It is just one way communication, but ahsique for their mashooque.'
'Why any ashique telling ghajal for his mashooque?'
'Because he wants to persuade her. Convince her that he is the man who made for her.'
'when we are trying to convince anyone we speak lie many times. Like you are beautiful like butterfly, like moon. Ur laughter is like waterfall. Ur body is like marble etc.'
'This is actual ghajal that we read.'
'tere aane ki jab khabar mahke
teri khushboo se sara ghar mahke.'

according to Jilani, when hunter captures a deer and aimed his weapon upon it. The feeling shows in it's eyes at that time was actually ghajal.
Ghajal is bundle of false thrown by men upon woman for confusing them. Women are such innocent that she believes upon ghajal easily & lost her whole life for two lines of praise in form of ghajal.