ye dhuan dhuan sa rahne do
mujhe dil ki baaten kahne do
main pagal deewana tera
mujhe ishq ki aag main jalne do

Today, i was set along with some unknown person at a tea stall. He was smoking. After inhaling smell of his cigarette i felt - smell of cigarette smoke has potential to make me DEEWANA. There is the time when i was used to smoking. These was collage days. Around 10-15 cigarette i smoke in a day. Though these were not in full lenght, All of them were shared by Langotias. We have smoke 8-8 person in a cigarette. Those were days of gareebi. we have to compromise even with bidi. At collage and at home everywhere we have fixed a cigarette seller, who were ready to give us Udhar. We were always being loaded with heavy credits. These shopkeeper were always reminding us for this and we always make some bahana and cheat them emotionally. But they became our very close friends. Even today if any one of us will go Bhopal, he meet them. They will open there credit copy and show us our udhar throw some heavy Gali upon us. Generally we gave him some amount but udhar will continue they give us packet of wills and write it's price upon his copy. They will never erase our name from his udhari copy and even we can't gave them full amount of their debt. This credit will last whole life as i think.Let it, our topic is about smoking. We have three stages. When we got money from our parants we smoke classic, in mid of month we use wills and gold flake and at last of month we lost every ana we perchase Bidi. Though Bidi gives unplesent smell but we have to acomodate with it in kadaki days. I have very interesting experiences with bidi smoking. Once i and one of my friend was standing in balcony and taking kuss of bidi like amitabh bachchan in deewar. Both of us was in towel. A person below our building was seaching any apartment, that was our own building where we were standing. We said him - yahi hai bhiya, pichhe se ander aa jao. After just two minuts we listen a knock on our door. He was searching one of our roommet. He was his Jijaji. I smoke large number of bidi at kuchh. we where there after earth quake. A group with which we were enguage for relief work, we had told them only we need from them was cigarette. They have fixed a shop at ahmadabad near their building for us and we are free to perchage as much cigrette we need. We were there 22 boys. At ahmadabad we get solution but when we go to villages for relief work & stock of cigarette ends. Then we were depanded upon bidi of local villegers. When we were enguaged in distributing relief a villeger was fixed by us for litting bidi and providing us regulerly. But a girl had snached this happiness from me. Once she said to leave smoking and i left, because i was impressed by the way she told me to leave this. Hypertetion is another major cause for this . Aur ab main sirf tarsta hoon cigrette ke liye. I love to smoke but i am unable to take even a kuss.I remember a villeger told me about smoking, are yaar kaun kahta hai ham nasha karte hain. hum to bas apne bhagawan ko agarbatti dikhate hain.


Anonymous said…
Partner, if I am not mistaken the other guy in the balcony was me..and he was Vikas' jijai ji..remember...Goyal Apt...S-39 :)